FPCP 2004 Bulletin #2

0. Conference Schedule & Social Activities

The Conference will start at 9 am on Monday, Oct. 4 in Daegu
Exhibition & Convention Center (EXCO), and will end around 12:30 pm
on Saturday, Oct. 9.  The Welcome reception is planned at 7 pm on
Monday, and a banquet is scheduled at 7 pm on Thursday.  A full-day
excursion is planned on Wednesday, Oct. 6.  Several options for
sight-seeing tour program are available on the Conference web site.

1. Oral Presentations

We will support both electronic presentations and transparencies, but
electronic presentation is preferred.  We ask all speakers to inform
the Conference secretary (fpcp2004@knu.ac.kr) of the format used for
their talk as soon as possible.

1.1 Electronic presentations

For electronic presentations, a Windows-XP laptop computer will
centralize the presentations and will be used for the projection
during the talk.  The formats supported are Powerpoint and PDF.

We ask all speakers to provide their presentation files at least 24 hours
before their talks, which is required to check for and to fix possible
problems.  The files can be either:

 - sent by an email to the secretary (fpcp2004@knu.ac.kr);
 - linked to a web, the URL of which should be sent to the above email address; or
 - provided by an USB memory key on site.

For PDF files, please remember that the landscape mode is far better
suited for on-screen projection.

1.2 Transparency presentations

For transparency presentations, the slides will be scanned during the
days following the speaker's talk. To facilitate this, we ask the
speakers to give us the transparencies or a full copy of it.  Please
do not hesitate to contact the secretariat (fpcp2004@knu.ac.kr) for 
any questions or problems.

2. Poster Presentations

A dedicated session for poster presentations are scheduled on Tuesday,
Oct.5, for two hours from 4 pm.  All contributions from registered
participants, related to the Conference topics, are welcome. The
posters, in A0 format, will remain on display during the whole time of
the Conference as long as we have enough space.  The authors are
required to be presented next to their poster during the poster session.
If you want to present a poster, please send an abstract to the
Conference Secretariat (fpcp2004@knu.ac.kr) as soon as possible.

3. Contributed Papers

Conference speakers are encouraged to send the abstract of his/her
talk to the FPCP2004 program committee (yjkwon63@yonsei.ac.kr).
Moreover, Conference participants can submit contributed papers to the
FPCP2004.  The electronic form (PDF or Postscript only) of the
contributed papers should be sent to the program committee before the
start of the Conference.  The abstracts and the papers will then be
linked to the web site for FPCP2004 and available to all attendees.
You can either send them as an email attachment or send an URL for the

4. Proceedings

All speakers will be asked to send a written version of their
presentations given during the FPCP2004 Conference.  The target date
is Nov.30, 2004.  The proceedings will be available on the web and
distributed in a CD to the participants.  Further practical
information and instructions will be given to the authors by the end
of the Conference on the FPCP2004 web pages.

Allowed number of pages depends on the talk duration:

Talk duration (mins.)      under 20   21 - 30  31 - 40  over 41   
Number of pages               5          7        9       12

5. Computing and Networking

For attendees brining their laptops, wireless DHCP connections will be
available on the Conference site.  For other people, a few PC's
running ssh terminal and web browser will be provided on site.

6. Transportation & Lodging

Transporatation service between the conference site and the hotel will be provided.
The bus from the hotel will leave at 8:30 am and returned at 6:30 pm.
The bus service will run every hour from the conference site to the hotel 
during the conference session.
It is strongly recommended to make reservation the hotel as soon as possible. There 
is the hotel information on the FPCP 2004 web page.

7. Registration and Payment

 Registration for the Conference can be made through FPCP2004 web site
(http://chep.knu.ac.kr/fpcp2004).  The registration fee is US$ 420
which should be paid in full by each participant.  Payment of the fee
can be made via credit card at the time of the registration or in
person when you arrive at the Conference site.  When you pay cash,
only Korean-Won or US-Dollar will be accepted.

8. Miscellaneous

For any other practical problem, please do not hesitate to contact the
Conference Secretariat (fpcp2004@knu.ac.kr).  
We will try to help you as much as we can.

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