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 세미나 안내 (From the Discovery of the Higgs Particle to Search for Dark Matter, 2015.06.01. 16:00)  HIT[855] 27 May 2015 

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세 미 나

▣ 제 목 :  From the Discovery of the Higgs Particle to Search for Dark Matter

▣ 연 사 :  유재훈 교수 (Univ. of Texas at Arlington)

▣ 일 시 :  2015년 6월 1일(월) 16시 00분

▣ 장 소 :  경북대학교 제1과학관 201-4호

High energy particle physics seeks to discover the fundamental constituents of matter and understand the forces between them.  To accomplish this, it uses powerful high energy accelerators to probe smallest possible scale and complex, large scale detectors.  The Higgs particle is believed to be the manifestation of the mechanism that gives mass to all fundamental particles.  It has been sought for over 5 decades and has finally been discovered in 2012 at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the European Laboratory for Nuclear and Particle Physics Research (CERN) near Geneva, Switzerland.   Discovering such a particle is only the first step.  Its properties must be fully understood through precision measurements.  This, however, only helps understanding visible matters that make up 5% of the universe.  The universe seems to be made of 25% dark matter and remaining 70% dark energy.  In this talk, I will discuss the discovery of the Higgs particle at the LHC, in particular at the ATLAS experiment, progress in understanding its properties and a new frontier of accelerator-based experiments that could give much more controlled access to dark matter.

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