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 Ultra Short Pulsed Laser for the Next Generation Electronics (2018년 10월 4일(목) 오후 4:30)  HIT[965] 28 Sep 2018 

- 콜 로 키 움 -

□ 제목: Ultra Short Pulsed Laser for the Next Generation Electronics
□ 연사: 권혁준 교수(DGIST)
□ 일시: 2018년 10월 4일(목) 오후 4:30
□ 장소: 제1과학관 206호
□ 요약:

  We cannot image that people can live without electrical devices, nowadays. Therefore, interaction and interconnection between human and device are becoming more and more important with the lapse of time. Flexible and wearable electronics are envisioned as a future platform of electronics integrated into a variety of emerging technologies from sensing and monitoring to human-inspired applications. However, typical soft materials that can be used for the substrates of flexible/wearable electronics have a low thermal budget. Therefore, conventional high temperature thermal processes cannot be applied as they affect the entire parts, including unwanted areas where the process should be excluded. It can make the limitations of process temperature and the challenges in terms of compatibility with the other components that need to be integrated onto them. A pulsed laser with high energy density leads to the thermal effect in locally confined area where requires high temperature without extreme thermal damage. Moreover, laser processing has other irreplaceable advantages: spatially local selective, air-stable, and widely tunable by varying the duration, wavelength, and intensity.
In addition, the users’ demands and a price war among semiconductor industries have been acting as one of the main driving forces for scaling-down of the devices. And the motive force evolved a conventional device with a planar structure to a three-dimentional (3D) structure in NAND flash memory and logic front-end-of-line (FEOL). To go to the next technology roadmaps (beyond 10 nm node) and to overcome short channel effects, highly doped regions with abrupt doping profile and 3D nano structure with high aspect ratio are required. For the nanoscale devices, pulsed laser process also provides a systematic approach to this problem, demonstrating superior, in-situ control in the spatial resolution and doping level.
The various outcomes will indicate that the site selective pulsed laser process can open up the next-generation technologies and leading the paradigm shift of the electronic applications. 

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