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 세미나 개최 - Overview of Nuclear Data Research at RPI (2012.9.13 Thu. 11:00am)  HIT[1100] 04 Sep 2012 

Overview of Nuclear Data Research at RPI


초 록

The experimental nuclear data research program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute utilizes a 60 MeV electron linear accelerator located at the Gaerttner LINAC Center. The accelerator can produce about 1013 neutrons per second in short pulses 5 ns to 5 ?s wide at a repetition rate of 1-500 Hz. The LINAC Center uses several neutron production targets; each optimized for a desirable energy range and operated in conjunction with several detector systems. This setup enables nuclear data measurements in a large energy range (from thermal to 20 MeV) and is used to improve nuclear data relevant to nuclear power reactors. The measurement capabilities include total, capture, scattering, (n,alpha), (n,p), and fission cross sections. Unique experimental setups were developed to achieve high accuracy measurements with precision on the order of one percent. New capabilities under development include prompt fission neutron spectrum measurements, capture measurements at the higher energy range of the resolved resonance region, and inelastic scattering. The facility also houses a Lead Slowing-Down Spectrometer (LSDS) which enables measurements on small samples (micrograms) or samples with small cross sections (<milibarns). The LSDS is also used for non-destructive assay of spent nuclear fuel and to study the fission process by measuring fission fragment mass and energy distributions. An overview of the capabilities and recent activity and results will be presented.


연 사

Yaron Danon

(Professor, Director Gaerttner LINAC Center/

Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering)


일 시


오전 1045- 오전 11: 다과

오전 11- 오전 12: 세미나


장 소

경북대학교 제1과학관 201-4




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