Last updated: June 27, 2005
Vertex/Tracking Session
(1) R&D status of FPCCD vertex detector (Y. Sugimoto)
(2) GEM TPC beam test result (TBA)
(3) Micromegas TPC beam test result (TBA)
(4) Silicon tracking for ILC (for SiLC) (H.J. Kim)
(5) DSSD R&D Status (J. Lee)
Calorimeter/Muon Session
(1) Photon sensor performance (T. Yuuki)
(2) Photon sensor test (I. Sayaka)
(3) Scintillator and wave length shifting fiber (J. Edith P.)
(4) EM component of hadronic shower (N. Noriko)
(5) Digital calorimeter parameters (I. Saori)
(6) Beam test of Si/W prototype and analysis results (S. Nam)
(7) R & D Status of the Extruded Scintillator(Y. Oh)
(8) Simulation of Si/W calorimeter (Y.P. Yoo)
Simulation/Reconstruction Session
(1) Performance Comparsion for Pb/Sci and W/Sci of ECAL with PFA (M. Chang)
(2) Full simulator analysis of muon detector and calorimeter (H. Ono)
(3) Study of Calorimeter performance using the LC full simulator (Y. Yamaguchi)
(4) A Study of Tracker Performance with Jupiter (A. Yamaguchi)
(5) Recent developments of simulation tools (A. Miyamoto)
MDI/Pol/Acc Session
(1) Polarized electron source R&D in Japan, T.Nakanishi
(2) Polarized electron source R&D in Korea, G.Kim
(3) ILC damping ring options and their critical issues, E. Kim
(4) Two alternative bunch compressors for ILC project, Y. Kim
(5) ATF2 project and its status, T.Sanuki
(6) Cavity BPMs for the PAL and ATF2, J. Huang (PAL)
(7) R&Ds at the ATF, KEK, M.Kuriki
(8) Polarized positron source R&D, T.Omori (KEK)
(9) Pair monitor R&D, H.Yamamoto (Tohoku university)
Joint Session of Simulation and MDI
(1) A MC Study on Particle Flow Measurements (S. Yamamoto)
(2) BDS simulation based on GEANT4, H.Aiha
(3) Background estimation in GLD detector, A.Sugiyama
(4) MDI critical issues for detector and accelerator, T. Tauchi
Option Session
Will be updated
Physics Session
Will be updated
GLD Optimization Session
(1) GLD/VXD Tasks (Y. Sugimoto)
(2) GLD/IMT Tasks (H.J. Kim/E. Won)
(3) GLD/CAL Tasks (T. Takeshita)
(4) GLD/MDI Tasks(T. Tauchi)
(5) GLD/SIM Tasks (A. Miyamoto)
Detector Optimization and Discussion
(1) Realistic Particle Flow Algorithm for GLD (T. Yoshioka)
(2) Detector parameter optimization study for GLD (T. Fujikawa,)
(3) Design of Solenoid and iron york design for GLD (H. Yamaoka)

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